Music and lights in Altea, Spain

Music and lights in Altea, Spain

Music and lights in Altea, Spain

29.6.20, CH: Altea is a beautiful coastal town in Valencia, a popular community in Spain. Situated directly on the Costa Blanca, Altea stands for many colourful, light-filled and musical festivals. Music is one of the most important components here and makes life in this city so unique.

Many tourists come here every year and enjoy not only the beautiful beaches and the dreamlike atmosphere, but especially the successful and unique festivals that take place here every year.

Concerts and theatre performances

In addition to the excellent Altea Auditorium, which is available for numerous musical events as well as theatrical performances, every year several festivals and events are held here in which music is the main theme.

Fireworks – Music at the castle of l’Olla

Every year on the 2nd Saturday in August, Altea, in the province of Alicante, hosts an unforgettable spectacle of lights and fireworks. The music is also part of this event and contributes to the climax, the breathtaking fireworks display at the Castle of l’Olla.

“CertamenInternacional de Altea” Festival

In November of each year the “CertamenInternacional de Altea” festival is held in Altea. This event has been an integral part of the city’s musical culture for 30 years. Every year, many different musicians take part and contribute to the musical background of the culture.

Altea on the Costa Blanca as a holiday home

The atmosphere and love of music are one of the reasons why Altea is a popular holiday destination. But surely the beautiful beaches of the white coast, the literal translation of the Costa Blanca, are a much bigger reason why this region and especially this city is so popular. A holiday home in Spain has many charms and Altea offers the perfect location. Entertainment with a high standard is provided here. Especially for families there are many possibilities. One of Spain’s comfortable holiday homes in Altea makes dreams come true and offers sun, beach, sea and culture in one – at any time.